An HVAC Treated Room of Sun and Sky

So, once the sunroom was finished, I called the local HVAC company.

I have been through 63 winters in a row in a place where the winter is about as tough as it gets in this country. Thankfully, this last winter is indeed the last winter. I just can’t do those forever long winters any longer. And, it’s not just the cold that tore me down. It was also the lack of sun our area endured for months at a time. So, I have pulled the plug and will now be taking my act south. Those gray winter days will now be replaced with all the sunshine that I can handle. There will be all the blue sky that I want to be had for the rest of my life. I also won’t miss the HVAC furnace running all winter. While I sure am thankful that I had a great furnace, paying for HVAC comfort during the winter was getting so expensive. We bought a small cottage in an area down South that will be just perfect for the two of us. However, before I even rented a moving truck, I started something that I have always wanted. We got a company to add a sunroom to the back of our little home. I have always wanted to sit outside in my sunroom during the winter. Now, it will happen. However, it does get awfully hot in the South during the winter. So, once the sunroom was finished, I called the local HVAC company. The sunroom is something that I want to utilize each and every day. The summer is so hot here that sitting in the sunroom during the heat is out of the question without HVAC cooling. We were able to purchase a ductless HVAC unit which will be heating and cooling only the sunroom.

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