Can’t work the heating and cooling job without paper

I printed a huge stack of copies in the office that day, but I didn’t actually bother to look at all of the copies before I left to meet with a client.

Of course, when I opened my briefcase to view all of the copies, I hastily realized with a start that half of the page was blank.

The client wasn’t gleeful with the copies I provided, either, then most of the pressing information was missing from very the bottom of the page. We have had concerns with the copier located in our main office for the past many weeks. I’ve been putting off replacing the massive copier, however it is clear that the time has come. The good old heating and cooling business is regularly stressed and I easily print anywhere from 500 to 600 sheets of paper every day. When I opened the little heating and cooling business various years ago, I purchased the original copier and printer from a liquidation sale. It was a refurbished model, already a bit outdated at that time and I did not expect it to last various years, however it has… and now it’s time to finally buy a current copier. But I don’t want to spend the currency. Unfortunately for me, it’s impossible to run a successful heating and cooling business these days separate from printing some bills. We don’t bill most of our commercial buyers until the end of the term. It’s easier than printing 10 or fifteen odd bills every day, however it regularly puts a lot of strain on the copier every month. We need to get paid, so we need a copier.



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