Container cabin was the answer

My family is a big time camping family.

For years we used a giant RV and stayed at a campsite.

The RV was really nice since it had places to sleep, a kitchen and a bathroom. We had everything needed in a single vehicle. The RV was quite a gas guzzler and took up lots of room at home. Also, it was slowly dying and needing expensive repairs. It was annoying that if I wanted to run into town to get gas, pick up food or even just go for a drive. I was taking the family kitchen, toilet and bed. I also was the only one who could drive the RV and that got to be annoying. Finally I started looking into options for cabins. Building a cabin at our campsite was so much money. I didn’t want to pitch a tent for a long period of time. Thankfully I found a mobile container company that can make anything out of a shipping container. There were tons of pictures on the website of shipping container cabins. It is rather ingenious using a prefab shipping container and converting it into a living container. The layout was so smart with bunk beds, hidden storage and foldable equipment. The best part was the mobile cabin was able to be designed off site and then shipped right to our campsite. The container cabin now just waits for us every year ready to go. My family drives the truck out to the campsite and hardly needs to bring a thing. I can run errands and my wife can take a turn driving for once.

refrigerated containers

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