Controlling humidity is important function of HVAC

I have just a house full of items that I have collected over the years.

I have traveled to much of the globe.

That allowed me to bring back so art from most of those travels. Some of it is quite valuable while some of it is only valuable to me. Either way, I want to be sure that this collection is safe inside the HVAC comfort of my home. I can feel pretty safe about this because I trust my HVAC system to take care of those prized possessions. That’s right, it’s the HVAC that is looking out for my stuff. I don’t need any sort of special security guard or anything like that. It’s the HVAC doing it’s thing that matters. See, I live in a part of the country where the heat and humidity lurk for much of the year. This is a powerful combination. I can’t imagine having to deal with it if I didn’t have reliable, efficient and powerful HVAC cooling. However, just cooling my home is not the only function of the HVAC unit. This is where protecting my stuff comes into play. The result of an abundance of heat and humidity is mold & mildew. That stuff not only play havoc with your respiratory system but is also very destructive to the stuff inside the house. With the HVAC doing it’s thing, I don’t have to worry about the moisture level inside the house. That’s because part of the cooling process includes removing warm air from the house and exhausting it outside. As this happens, a bunch of moisture is removed from the house as well. Thus, my stuff is safe from the damages of mold & mildew.

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