Convenience is worth the cash

People say to never waste money on convenience! I tend to disagree with that! For the longest I have been putting off the system of getting a smart thermostat for my central heating plus a/c proposal unit, but a figured why would I need a smart thermostat? I honestly do not leave the house very much, plus I do not work outside of my home.

I absolutely work from home.

So what would be the point of a smart thermostat? Well, I finally broke down plus got a smart thermostat because it was a convenient way to get more work done while I was toiling from home! I had found myself regularly having to get up plus go across the entire house several times in a work day, this was to keep increasing the temperature on the thermostat, however with now having a smart thermostat I can control all that from my house office plus not have to waste time to stop toiling to change it! The smart thermostat lets myself and others control the thermostat from my smart iPhone, my computer or even my computer. And in the scarce event I do absolutely travel or have to leave the house for any extended period of time this will come in handy too. I can turn off the heating or the cooling while I am away plus then turn it on through my smart iPhone when I think I am on my way home. This will save myself and others a lot of money in the long run on my bi-weekly utility bills in the event this kind of thing ever has to happen!

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