Couldn’t open the window, sweating all night

I hate trying to sleep in other people’s homes. I feel like I can never get the conditions right and I suffer through the entire night trying to find elusive sleep. It is a massive problem that affects me on every trip. I wish I could figure out how to calm down my brain and body in any situation, but the truth is that I require certain environmental factors to drift off and stay asleep. Primarily, I need to have zero light pollution, some sort of background noise, and the coldest surroundings possible. At my house, I abuse my AC unit all summer long to get the coolest bedroom possible. Before I go to sleep at night, I always crank up the cooling system so there’s plenty of fresh, dry air circulating in my room. During the winter, I often sleep with the window open so frigid air can pass easily into the space. The problems arise when I attempt to sleep at another home, where I have no control over the HVAC settings. I can’t change my host’s thermostat, so there isn’t much I can do if the room is feeling especially hot. Recently, I was visiting my friend’s home and found myself sweating through the sheets. Since it was 20 degrees outside, I tried to pop open a window for cool air, but found that the windows were all stuck shut. They were painted close and the cold air was trapped on the wrong end of the glass. After struggling with the window for 10 minutes or so, I had to admit defeat and head back to bed without changing the indoor temperature. The worst part was, I only made myself sweatier battling the window frame.


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