Does it get better than this?

My brand new house has central air conditioning, and I am affectionate about it, my partner and I just bought a house together this past week.

It is our fourth house together, and the two of us think that the two of us may definitely stay at this one for the rest of our lives.

It is a wonderful home, and it is everything and more that the two of us have ever wanted in a home. My partner even said that he thinks it is the perfect house for us, and he is a certainly picky person when it comes to homes, then that is totally the reason why the two of us moved twice already. It is not simple to please our partner when it comes to houses; He loves our beach house now though, and so do I. It has central air conditioning which is literally our number one part, but our other several houses did not have central air conditioning, and it was so idiotic. It got so warm in our other houses; Every one of us tried to use window air conditioning units, however they just didn’t do the work entirely well. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I am thankful for the window air conditioning units due to the fact that they were better than nothing, however they hardly compare to central air conditioning. There is something almost magical about central air conditioning. I am so cheerful that I did not grow up in a time when central air conditioning wasn’t a thing. I appreciate I would have missed out on so much since I would never have been able to experience the joys of having central air conditioning in our home. It may sound funny, however having central air conditioning in our current house is literally our number one section of my brand new house.


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