Finally some fresh air

When the world started falling apart a few weeks ago, things got spine-chilling pretty out of nowhere, then it seems enjoy normal life was put on pause plus this new way of residing has slowly been developing afternoon after afternoon, but the initial order for everybody to stay at cabin plus keep their social distance was actually a massive change from the normal way of life.

It really turned every normal routine on its head! After the need for isolation came down the pipes, almost everyone has been finely tuning their schedules to try to stay sane.

If you were to ask me, I have not faced too much of this challenge, but my office has not allowed us to work remotely, despite the global environment. Rather than just that, management tells us to work at distant desks plus not to talk to each other face-to-face. If you ask me, this is highly unsafe. We’re still breathing the same indoor air, plus possibly contaminating each other via the central heating and cooling method everyday, however once the air handling method is a carrier of the virus, it will be effectively spread throughout the entire building through the air ducts. It won’t matter if you are laying all alone once the virus is being carried through our indoor air handling system! Even if you’re completely socially isolated, you’re going to breathe in the contaminated air if there is an air vent somewhere near you plus the AC turns on. That’s why I’ve been commuting into work but setting up our station outdoors, but rather than sharing the nasty indoor air with potential carriers, I would like to breathe in the naturally clean air outdoors. If a single person coughs near our work station, I don’t have to worry about the germs circulating through our indoor air for hours.
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