Getting our overnight lodging right is all HVAC

My wife and I just really enjoy getting out to travel and experience new things.

I don’t mean that we are all that into fancy or exotice locales when we travel.

Really, it’s more about just getting out on the road and seeing what all is out there. The last several years, we have just stopped flying. It just has become too much of a hassle. If it was like it used to be where the flights were canceled all the time and the HVAC worked in the plane, we’d still be flying. The drama of all the overbooking, bad weather, missed connections and wretched HVAC made our trips less fun. So, we travel by car now. I love knowing that I will be able to set the air conditioning right where I want it. My wife sets her side just like she wants it as well. I guess HVAC has a lot to do with our travels huh? Our lodging choices are also heavily weighted by the HVAC method. I hate spending too much money for a hotel that I end up sweating in all night. That is just the worst. So, we look for hotels and motels with the HVAC you can see from the parking lot. You know the big wall units that stick outside. These are a never fail HVAC method. I love those big old things because they can heat or cool a room just the way you want it. This little lodging trick has never failed us. Plus, having a free breakfast isn’t a bad thing either!

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