Getting the most health benefit from HVAC

We just added something to the HVAC system.

In fact, this new addition is something that we have been wanting for several years now. However, putting in a whole house air purifier was not exactly in our budget so we refrained. Then, the whole world turned upside down due to the pandemic. My wife and I were suddenly spending almost all of our time inside the HVAC comfort of our home. Both of us are now working from home as our offices are closed. With all this time in the HVAC at home, we started thinking about the indoor air quality as it relates to our health. Once we found out how important indoor air quality is to our immune system, it was much easier to justify our HVAC addition. Initially, we wanted the whole house air purifier in order to eradicate the odors from our home. But that seemed a bit of a luxury for the expense of a whole house air purifier. Yet, once we learned that the whole house air purifier, when convinced with HEPA type air filters, can mitigate Covid, we were in. That was an absolutely bankable reason to upgrade our HVAC and the indoor air quality of our home. Studies are finding that HEPA filtration and air purification can rid a home of airborne virus in about 30 minutes. But equally important, the stellar air quality only helps us get a strong immune response. So, it was a really easy decision to spend the money on the HVAC. I’m really glad we did because not only is the air crisp and clean, we feel just that much more protected going into winter.

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