Hospital regulations made for freezing days

Toward the end of my nursing school all of us had to work as interns at the local hospital. Thankfully I was able to schedule my shifts during the middle of the night and this made it easier to get the youngsters back and forth to school, handle appointments during the day and get some much needed rest while the youngsters were in class. My hubby could stay beach apartment with them during the night and it allowed us to avoid hiring a sitter too. My shifts were fairly quiet because the patients were sleeping most of the time and all of us just had to do routine rounds to check blood pressure and supply medications… It allowed me time to do homework too and I enjoyed that. My only issue with that shift was the fact that the hospital policy with heating and cooling was unusual during the night. They would lower the temperature on the floors to save money on energy. They figured that most people were sleeping under warm blankets anyway so it was a perfect way to chop expenses; This may have been true however it made those of us working legitimately uncomfortable; Every one of us weren’t allowed to use any sort of portable heating devices so I was forced to wear long underwear under my uniform. I would also walk around with a cup of warm root beer or tea in my hands to keep those warm. I was cheerful when I finished my internship and I decided not to apply for a permanent position at that facility. I wanted a hospital that ran tests on its employees & it’s patients.


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