Hot air doesn’t do it for us

I was the only 1 laboring all day in the office on Monday.

I went to finish the end of the month paperwork necessary for the billing department.

I was only planning on dedicatedly spending a couple of hours in the office, so I told my girl that I probably would be back home for dinner. Everything was going as planned until the A/C stopped laboring. I didn’t feel like any cold air was coming out of the HVAC duct. I thought it was just 1 vent, however I went in and worked carefully around the office and I didn’t feel like there was cold air anywhere. The control unit was running and I could hear the A/C laboring in the background. Unfortunately, the only thing coming out of the duct where it was a super steady stream of hot air. I didn’t want to contact my boss, because at that point it was Monday. I didn’t assume that I had a choice, so I went and picked up the iphone and dialed her number. I called and left a lengthy message and tried to get some more completed. After a long wait, I decided to text and call. I still didn’t get myself a response after an additional wait, so I decided to stop laboring and go home. It was half past 11 at that time and the temperature in the office was definitely only getting warmer and warmer. I turned off the control unit to the AC, and left. I continued to call my boss throughout most of the day, without answer.
a/c rep

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