Hot headed neighbor is a wreck over HVAC

My mission in life is not to get yanked around constantly by my emotions. I tend to do my best when I stay calm and just work through things. But confrontation is part of life and it comes with my job as well. That’s why I tend to praise first before I critique or have to correct. Maybe that’s just my character make up or something. I just feel like it’s wasted energy to get all freaked out over the small stuff. It works better for me to reflect a minute in the HVAC before reacting to a problem. But, that is certainly not the case for many other. In fact, I have a neighbor that just went nuts in my front yard over the aforementioned HVAC. This is guy who I do my very best to avoid at all times. He’s a hot head and a person who simply explodes with anger. It’s as though anger is his default method of dealing with life. His latest flip out came when he learned that his antiquated HVAC unit could no longer be recharged inexpensively. Somehow, he missed the fact that R 22 HVAC refrigerant is now illegal to manufacture in the United States. Essentially, his HVAC is now obsolete. Honestly, I don’t know how the thing can cool or heat his home. It has to be nearly 30 years old. Unfortunately for me, I got to take the brunt of this new information. I happened to be walking from my car to my front door when he just appeared. The man was literally shaking and shouting at me as though I was the one who changed the law on R 22 HVAC refrigerant.

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