How about a cookie while you wait?

The one thing I remember the most about my grandmother is how there was always a plate of fresh cookies sitting on the table.

I never saw her baking them, but I always smelled them and there they were.

Whenever someone came to visit, she would ask them if they would like to have a cookie. The one time, she was having some trouble with her furnace. It was getting extremely cold in the house and we were sitting there waiting for the HVAC technician. Mom and dad was sitting at the table with Gram while they were waiting sitting in the house with her. She asked mom if she would like to have a cookie while she waited. Mom said no, but dad thought it sounded really great. Gram pulled some frozen cookie dough from the freezer and turned on the oven. Apparently, she kept cookie dough in the freezer, for any occasion. By the time the HVAC tech arrived, Gram had baked two batches of cookies and dad had devoured most of them. When the HVAC tech was finished with the furnace, he came in and told Gram that she just needed a minor fix and it was covered under her maintenance and repair plan. He sat down to write up the invoice and Gram pulled out the cookies while asking him if he wanted one while he they were waiting. The HVAC tech told her he had been smelling them for the last hour and he was hoping she would offer him one when he was done with the furnace.

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