Huddling for warmth isn’t an option

Guys can be absolutely obnoxious whenever they are going through puberty and getting horny.

I was dating a dude in college for about many weeks.

We decided to go on a long ski trip for the weekend, however I insisted that we rent a large locale with separate rooms. I didn’t want to get pressured to do anything except have an absolutely nice time throughout the weekend together. My guy and I drove up to the mountains and I was absolutely impressed by the impressively nice locale that she rented. It was a small and cute little place on the side of a mountain. There was a gas furnace in the house and a very small fireplace in the middle of the family room. My dude and I spent most of the day snowboarding at the ski cottage. When we returned ourselves back to the beach house in the evening, I hopped in the shower first for a quick rinse. When I came out of the shower, I noticed that it was starting to get cold in the place. Yep, it was almost chilly cold inside of the cabin when I left the bathroom. I asked him to check on that heat and to make sure that the furnace was actually running. Apparently, the furnace was broken and he said we would have to sleep in the same bed to stay warm. As soon as he even mentioned sleeping in the same bed, I wondered if the central furnace was broken. I decided to check the control unit for myself. When I even started to approach the control unit, my dude admitted that he turned it off. We left to go home an hour later.


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