I am so blissful to find a warm theater

Movie theaters always provide me with such a bittersweet feeling whenever I am attending a film there… Don’t mistake me, I love films and I love enjoying films. I also don’t genuinely mind the prices that they have to charge for food and soda. I understand that they have to make money, and I am great with that! For me, the hardest thing about going to film theaters is that they usually make me undoubtedly uncomfortable. I can’t sit how cold theaters can get occasionally. It always feels adore the person controlling the thermostat has completely lost their mind, or that whoever controls the a/cs undoubtedly has a preference in that direction. During the dreary summer season, the theaters are always cold cold because of the a/c. Now, if I am going with my girlfriend or my spouse, then having the a/c running at that level is not as bad. I don’t mind the colder temperatures when I can cuddle with my girlfriend or my spouse. However, there have been multiple times when I am alone or with my friends, and I cannot like the film theater with the a/c running. I guess that some people will bring blankets because of how cold it is, however I don’t adore being that guy who can handle the colder temperatures because of the a/c. Thankfully, last time, I had my first positive experience with the Heating and A/C units in the film theater. It was freezing for a fall night, and I was worried that it would be cold in the theater. I was rather surprised to find the furnace running in the background! I was moderate for the entire picture!


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