I couldn’t fix the a/c

My uncle was an AC specialist, and he taught me a lot.

When my cooling unit at home quit on me, I was a little out of my comfort zone. I decided not to chance my expensive cooling unit to skills I learned from an uncle. I barely paid attention as a kid. My unit was a few grand, it was worth a few bucks to get someone with an actual education. The woman sent to fix the unit couldn’t do it though. She said that the part needed in the system wasn’t available. They had nothing in store and the part was on backorder. She said she would come back the next week. She would have the part and be able to repair the a/c. It was a whole week of warm miserable days. I was dying in the heat. I knew I wouldn’t sleep well without a good cooling unit. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. It made me really appreciate my cooling unit and wish I would have paid attention to my uncle. I was dying in the heat and had no idea what to do. I wasn’t going to call my uncle since he would be disappointed I didn’t retain any of his teachings. By the time the week ended, the woman was back to fix the unit. She did a really good job. The unit was cleaned, oiled and tightened. The new repair went in easily. The only thing that stunk was being charged for labor, the part and multiple days of work.


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