I guess I’ll call him professor

I’m looking forward to carefully reading everything that he can teach me

My dad works for a high up HVAC corporation, plus I was recently hired by the same exact business. The several of us have been working together frequently so far. My dad is 1 of the educators plus he was selected to be mine, randomly. I did not suppose if the two of us would ever have a lot of problems working together. After all, our dad plus I are similar. We are both stubborn plus the two of us love to do things in our own way, but we’re family. I have been genuinely surprised, because so far working with our dad has been 1 of the best experiences. My dad apparently genuinely knows a lot of information about HVAC repairs plus difficult installation services. I guess that is due to the fact that the guy has been working in this industry for the past 25 years. All of us haven’t had to buy a modern HVAC system for a genuinely long time thanks to this man. Every time there is a problem, our dad is right there to repair the HVAC issue. I believe that is 1 of the reasons why I chose to learn about HVAC repair as an adult. I regularly watched our dad work on the items in our house plus as a kid it was genuinely interesting to see him work. I’m looking forward to carefully reading everything that he can teach me. Once I have a couple of years of great experience under our belt, I would love to open a brand new dealer of our own. If our dad wants to join me, I actually think that would be fantastic;

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