I have been driving my neighbor’s car but it doesn’t have A/C

The car in my yard doesn’t have air conditioning in the least.

It is pretty annoying that my neighbors use my yard as a locale to park their cars.

It is so difficult to get them to understand that it is incredibly rude to just park your cars in someone else’s yard. I told them that I didn’t want them to park their cars in my yard at all, however they easily laughed at me. I made the choice that since the cars were in my yard, I would drive them. I knew that they left their keys in the cars, so I took the cars for a spin. After I took the cars for a drive, several of my neighbors actually quit parking their cars in my yard, however one of them still does. He doesn’t care that I drive his car though, however his car doesn’t have air conditioning, so I don’t legitimately don’t enjoy driving it. I found out the difficult way that the car doesn’t have air conditioning. It was rather sad when I was driving down the road & noticed that it was getting extremely hot, so I turned on the a/c appliance, & it did nothing… The several other times that I drove the car, I didn’t need air conditioning in the least. It was too nippy outside to need the air conditioning appliance on those first couple of drives, however the next drive was pretty brutal. I was on a 3-hour trip to see a buddy of mine, & I decided to drive the neighbor’s car because he told me that I could. I went to turn the a/c appliance on during that trip, & it didn’t actually work. I was so upset because I still had several hours of driving left.


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