I have to use a supplemental dehumidifier to keep the moisture down indoors

Our winter season here in the south is usually full of intermittent cool weather and a varied humidity level from week to week.

One week we’ll get temperatures in the 40s with moisture levels down to 35%, but by the following week it will warm up to 76 degrees outside with humidity hovering in the 60s.

It’s hard to anticipate the weather from one day to the next, especially if there are storms on and off throughout the season. I do whatever I can, but more often than not I’m victim to the cyclical changes in weather each and every day. I’m never using my electric furnace daily every week from October through March like my family does up north. More often than not I just pull out a space heater to use in my bedroom if it gets particularly cold at night while I’m trying to sleep. This is typically more than enough heating power to keep me comfortable during the night. In the summer we get consistently hot weather. It’s common for me to run my air conditioner through the entire day for most days out of the month. However, the moisture levels inside and out vary depending on whether or not rain is in the forecast. If it’s only 75% humidity outside my air conditioner can maintain moisture levels indoors around 50%. But once the humidity gets close to 100%, I have to start using my supplemental dehumidifier. I bought it last year from a local supercenter and I have a hose running out the back to a drain in my bathroom floor. This way I can run it continuously without needing to empty a water drainage bucket.


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