I just wanted my roommate to make an adult decision.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only adult living in my apartment. I have a roommate, but he is so irresponsible, that sometimes I feel like I am a babysitter. He won’t help out with the regular household chores. I know how important it is to have a good running HVAC system.. If you don’t take care of it, the energy bills can get out of hand. The HvAC system doesn’t run well when it isn’t clean. We. as the people living here, are responsible for any repairs that come from our not having regular maintenance done. Regular maintenance on the HVAC system helps to keep a good bank balance in good standing. A couple weeks ago, I asked my roommate to call the HVAC company and arrange for the maintenance. I had our work and school schedules on the calendar and all he had to do was get an appointment that worked with one of our schedules. When I got home, I asked if he had the appointment. He said he had forgotten and he didn’t want to end up stepping on my toes again. I didn’t know what he meant by this, and I wasn’t about to argue with him. I called the HVAC company and I had an appointment scheduled within ten minutes. I told him the HvAC tech would be at the house on his next day off. He held up his hands and told me he didn’t want to be held responsible. I told him to be there for the HVAC tech, or have his clothes packed when I got home from work. He moved out while I was gone.


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