I like to cut wood for our fireplace

I’m really not cheerful with the fact that forests all over the world are being split down; If you are going to clear out whole forests, you need to plant new trees at least for every tree that you choose to take down.

I truly live in a little forest of our own.

I live in a cottage with a wood fireplace and a wood burning stove. It’s nice to basically live off the grid as I have solar panels for our electricity needs and I don’t have to deal with the nonsense of heavily populated areas with substantial amounts of pollution. I know in using so much wood for our own purposes, but it’s heartcutting that they are clearing out forests to build new industries that pollute the world and take away from our oxygen supply. I guess we could come up with better resources for making paper products and all. I guess it would truly be a good system to grow more cannabis plants to make paper instead of splitting down trees! Cannabis plants are the fastest growing plants in the world and they are excellent resources for paper. It’s mind boggling that such a plant was ever made illegal by these crazy people who guess they own the world, and well, I’ll just continue to like our little spot of the country were I take care of the trees around me. When I split down trees to use for our fireplace, I always make sure to plant new trees so they can continue to supply the oxygen we need to breathe. I don’t mess with control units or anything, I just like to split wood for our fireplace.


Dual fuel system

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