I may need Heating and Air Conditioning licensing

This may sound care about I am full of myself, or maybe make me sound kind of dumb, even though I know I guess everything there is to guess about heating and a/c repair! I never went to Heating and Air Conditioning university and got any certification, however, I am able to maintenance every kind of heating or cooling plan split down you could possibly imagine, but this is completely true! I have been able to save myself a lot of money on Heating and Air Conditioning repair in the last few years! Believe it or not, I self taught myself through watching a lot of videos online, reading a lot of websites that had deep information about heating and a/c repair, and even read some books at the local library; If you asked anyone I guess in my family or otherwise, they would tell you just how nice I am at heating and a/c repair, then as cocky as I may sound, I have seriously thought about going to Heating and Air Conditioning university just to get the certification.

The only reason for this, is that I am thinking I may want to do this for a living, however either laboring as an independent heating and a/c company, or, laboring for a single of the local heating and cooling companies.

And, without an Heating and Air Conditioning certification, naturally, I would not be able to legally start my own independent Heating and Air Conditioning business, and there sure as heck would not be any of the local heating and cooling companies that would absolutely want to hire me! Only the future will tell where all of this will lead.


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