I need a dehumidifier for my new heating system

When I purchased a propane wall heater for my home, I didn’t read the fine print on the heater that would have given me advice for using the propane heater.

This heating system was supposed to be vent-free, which meant that I didn’t need to cut out any holes in my house to use this heating system.

When I received the heating system, I quickly opened the heating system, installed it to a propane unit that I had outside, and turned on the heating system for heat. Within a few hours, my house was very warm. However, that was not the only thing that the heating system did for my house. I noticed that there was a lot of moisture in my home, and I suspected that the heating system was creating this moisture. After doing a little more research on my heating system, I discovered that vent-free heaters often create moisture in the house, which is why they are able to be vent-free. The only way to stop this moisture problem is to open a window, which lets in a lot of cold air, which completely defeats the purpose of a vent-free and efficient heater. Instead, I realized that another HVAC unit would be necessary to keep my house warm without destroying the walls and paint with the moisture that my heating system was creating. Instead of opening a window, I decided to purchase a dehumidifier from my local store. This HVAC system was created to draw moisture out of the air. Now, I can have a great heating system without the moisture problems that come with it.


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