I was looking for a few good HVAC technicians

I am the only female HVAC technician in our area and I have the only all girl HvAC company in the state.

When I say our company is a minority, I truly mean it.

We have been expanding rapidly and we are now travelling quite a distance to get to our new customers. I think it is the novelty of getting a woman to fix or install their HVAC systems that make people more likely to pay the travel charges we have. I have a team of excellent HVAC technicians and I have been considering opening two more branches so we can keep our prices competitive with other HVAC companies. I am looking to hire several new technicians and to send two of my top HVAC technicians into the new branches of the company. We have actually discussed splitting us in three so we take three techs each and we have enough good techs to be able to train the newcomers. When I put out our ad for new HVAC technicians, I knew we would get mostly people who have just received their certification. I was surprised when I had two HVAC technicians who both had over ten years experience, apply to one of the new sites. They told me they weren’t being used for anything other than doing minor repairs. From what I could tell, they were both highly trained, but because of their being women, they were treated differently. I was about to show them that we were a real HVAC company who did everything for ourselves. We did end up hiring one man for one of the new areas, but that was because he was the son of one of my oldest HVAC technicians.

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