I was upset when I noticed the fireplace was missing

I decided to purchase this legitimately cool old dwelling that had all original mahogany wood inside.

I instantly fell in love with the sweeping staircase and the open room type with vaulted ceiling.

There was a field stone fireplace that was between the living room and dining room, that I seriously loved. We knew there were repairs that needed to be taken care of, and we also desired to have a new Heating and A/C appliance installed before we actually moved in. I called the Heating and A/C company and I told them that I desired the entire heating appliance to be disconnected and I wanted to have radiant heating in the bathrooms, with normal heating in the rest of the main rooms. I was planning on turning the upper floor rooms into guest rooms and making the dwelling a Bed and Breakfast. The upper floor rooms were going to have ductless mini split and fireplace inserts to provide the impression of having fireplaces. My partner and I went away for the week and the two of us left our construction and Heating and A/C service professionals to carry on with the work. I know the two of us should have been a tad more clearer with our instruction. When the two of us got back from holiday, the construction workers easily had ripped out the fireplace and upgraded it with gas fireplace inserts. We weren’t too thrilled with what they had done, but the two of us couldn’t get the fireplace back at all. As far as trying to keep the rooms cleaned, going separate from the fireplace is a fantastic thing, even though I legitimately appreciated how it looked. Now, I wonder if they hadn’t done us a massive favor, because the heating is so excellent, that the two of us rarely turn up the temperature control component in those numerous rooms.


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