I was worried about my children being cold

We have radiant heated flooring in our house! Well, actually, most of the home has radiant heated flooring.

It’s not actually a well known sort of heating system, though, most of the people around here have old forced air heating systems, and so when we had our radiant heated flooring system installed. It was a surprise to most people. My mother hadn’t even known that such a thing existed at all. She ended up being the reason that we ended up with radiant heated flooring to begin with, she’s the one who used to complain all the time about how my kids were running around the home without shoes on in the middle of the winter. The concern was the fact that none of my children would ever leave shoes or socks or slippers on. They are undoubtedly the world’s worst when it comes to wearing socks and shoes. It didn’t matter how much I yelled or nagged at them, they were just always running around with freezing feet. My mother kept complaining to me about the fact that they were going to get sick and so that’s when I started looking into getting radiant heated flooring for our house. With radiant heated flooring, none of us have to worry about getting sick from freezing feet and I don’t have to hear my mom complaining about me being an awful mother! I suppose that more people should look into radiant heated flooring. I actually love it now that we have it. I wouldn’t ever want to go back to the old category of heating that we used to have.



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