I wasn’t prepared for the frigid temperatures up north

It is hard to put into words what it is like experiencing a drastic winter in the northern region.

Having grown up down south where the worst Winter required us to switch our heat pump on, I was unprepared.

For me, Winter was something that I enjoyed. After a few months of intense Summer heat that forced me into the A/C, Winter was a sunny respite. Then, I moved because I got a fantastic job opportunity plus didn’t think about how I would acclimate to such a drastic temperature change. It is just so frigid here. My first introduction to it was brutal and swift. I was not in my new place yet but a few weeks before the frigid Winter winds picked up, I turned on the Heating plus A/C for the first time in my life in the beginning of September. From there on, it has been an immense struggle with my only blessing being the Heating plus A/C oil furnace. Thankfully, this house got a new oil furnace before I purchased it. It was the first time I’d ever seen one, but it’s been great. It does a fantastic job of allowing me to feel warm and cozy. The office Heating plus A/C is either set to high or not nearly moderate enough, so returning to my cozy home with the Heating plus A/C setting is the best thing going for me. I am not sure how long I will last up here or if I will ever get accustomed to this kind of weather, but, I guess that I’m honestly thankful for the cozy comfort of my oil furnace.


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