I wish my home had air conditioning

My new home doesn’t have air conditioning in the slightest.

It is honestly bothersome to me that my current residence doesn’t have air conditioning, but there isn’t much that I can do about it at this moment.

It honestly doesn’t make sense that my residence doesn’t have air conditioning because it was built only so many years ago. I don’t understand why the person who built it didn’t add air conditioning, but I absolutely wish that he would have. It gets so overheated in the residence during the warm season. I have only lived in the residence for four weeks now, but three of the weeks that I lived here were summertime weeks. It actually became so sizzling in the home that I went over to my parent’s residence a few times just too cool off. I tried using window air conditioning machines, but they just didn’t get the job done. I thought that they would do a better job entirely, but they hardly do anything. I had 3 window air conditioning machines running in my residence all day long, plus they hardly brought the temperature of the residence down. I guess they may have brought the temperature down maybe five degrees. It went from around ninety degrees to being eighty-five in my house. It was not great at all. I can’t afford to operate like 10 window air conditioning machines, but that is entirely what it would take to cool my home down to a decent temperature. I wish that my residence had air conditioning, but I guess I am going to have to live without any air conditioning until I can afford to invest in some.

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