I’m thankful for my furnace

It works well with allowing me to feel warm anywhere.

It’s hard for me to explain what it was like to experience my first true winter where I live up North. Having grown up in the true south, the winter temperatures never required more than a switch from AC to heat. I was woefully unprepared for life now. I always loved winter, because after 7 weeks of intense summer time humidity that forced me into the AC, Winter was refreshing. Then I moved north. I accepted a good task plus took it without considering how I’d adjust to such an extreme temperature. It’s too frosty for so long here. My first introduction to it was brutal and painful. I wasn’t in my up-to-date location but a few weeks before the frosty temperatures arrived. Before the end of September, I had the heat cranked up in my house. It has been a substantial struggle with my only blessing being the gas furnace. Thankfully, as part of the sale, this small up-to-date home got an up-to-date furnace as well. It was the first time I’d even heard of one, but man, is it ever my absolutely best friend. It works well with allowing me to feel warm anywhere. The office furnace is either set too high or too low. Coming home to my cozy up-to-date home with the heat running to the temperature I like is amazing. I’m not sure how long I’ll live here or if I’ll ever adjust to this sort of weather. However, I know that I’m absolutely thankful for the cozy comfort my furnace brings.


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