I’m thinking of getting a new job.

I keep telling myself that I am at an age where I should have a job that will last me for the rest of my life.

It seems that every job I start, I go into with this thought in my head, but it doesn’t last long.

I just don’t seem to be satisfied with a single job that I’ve gotten. I lose interest quickly and before I know it, I’m quitting and moving on to another job. My family is always asking what I’m doing NOW, and I know that they’re making fun of me. As much as it upsets me, I am not going to keep a job if it doesn’t make me happy. When I saw that the local college was opening up classes that would work the same as technical classes, I was excited. The first job opening I saw, really brought a lot of excitement for me. They were offering training in HVAC installation and repair. They were also offering the certification class that went with it. The training for heating, ventilation and air conditioning was for certification for a job, but you had to take a special class that would help you to pass the test. I had often considered HVAC as a profession, but there weren’t any local places that would do the training. I thought that even if I didn’t enjoy the HVAC profession, I would be able to repair my own HVAC system and that of my friends and family. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to give 100% to the training and getting a job as an HVAC technician. I’m finally getting excited about a new profession.

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