Installing our furnace at the last possible moment

I have always been such a massive procrastinator, then even with the most extreme of situations, I virtually always put it off until the last hour.

That is why my old oil furnace is still not running even though it is almost the start of Winter season chill. I guess that I should have had my oil furnace fixed a long time ago, however with multiple other things coming up I kind of ended up forgetting about it. First, it was the a/c in my car. If I had to choose between having only an a/c in my nice car or only an a/c in my house, I would undoubtedly keep the a/c in my car. The Heating and A/C system in my nice car was not easy to fix, and it wasn’t cheap either. After I fixed the Heating and A/C system in my nice car, I got distracted with a lot of building projects around my house. I remembered that the heater needed to be fixed when the a/cs were turned off at the end of the summer season. The temperatures would grow colder and colder, and I was going to need to use the furnace soon. However, all of us have had a long fall, and I have forgotten yet again about using the furnace. The temperatures are supposed to drop below cold next week, and I have to get the furnace cranked up before then. I don’t even have a clue what is wrong with my oil furnace. I am going to have to call in a Heating and A/C professional to maintenance it, however I am not sure if I can quite afford it at this moment. I wish that I would have prepared for this furnace maintenance a long while ago, however it is far too late now.

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