Invest in your home if you want the best price

It’s the damnedest thing that homeowners won’t take care of their homes.

I see it all the time or at least 5 times per week.

As a realtor, I usually go into someone’s lake loft to begin the listing process. The homeowner who meets myself and others at the door comes along with a horrible attitude plus a long list of demands. The unexpected demands are generally geared around not wanting to put any type of money into the loft to bring a better price. They have watched enough real estate TV to believe they know how to do my task. It isn’t worth it for myself and others to find out that anymore. Let someone else spend too much time attempting to do the impossible. My real estate supplier is based in a space where the heat is a big element in our regular lives. Really good Heating, Ventilation and A/C is totally essential for survival here. I explain to these disadvantage, reluctant homeowners that normally the first thing any potential shopper will check is the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. No one wants a 20 years old heating plus cooling system. Most just check out right there. I don’t care how much expensive staging, painting plus cleaning is done, without excellent HVAC appliances the shopper will be turned off. But, I simply don’t have the energy or effort to go through it with these sort of homeowners. I say my best advise plus if they want to go with the “as is” strategy well, that’s on them. I won’t lose a sale due to stubborn ignorance.
Heating and cooling equipment

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