It has been rough not having air conditioning

It has been rough not having air conditioning.

I wish so badly that I would have gotten an air conditioner this past winter when I saw them on sale.

I saw a few different sales, and I decided to pass on all of them. It was not the brightest idea. I didn’t buy an air conditioner because I didn’t need one at the time. That was so silly of me. Yes, I didn’t need one at the time, but I do need one now. It is only May, and it is already in the eighties where I live. I am not looking forward to the long hot summer. I am not the kind of person who enjoys really warm weather. Once it gets above about seventy degrees, I am miserable. I have always been that way even though I live in a relatively warm climate. It does get cold for a little while during the winter months, but we don’t have a lot of snow or ice, so that is nice. I love that time of year around here, but the summers just don’t work well with me. I have contemplated moving somewhere that is cool most of the year, but I just can’t convince myself to leave my friends and family. I know one thing for certain. I am going to have to buy myself at least one air conditioner if I am going to survive this summer. I need some air conditioning in my house. I looked at the thermostat yesterday, and it said that my house was over ninety degrees. That is ridiculous. I wish I would have bought an air conditioner when they were on sale, but it is too late now.



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