It is about time for me to get a new air purifier

It is about time for me to get a new air purifier.

I have had the same air purifier for over ten years now, and I use the air purifier practically every single day.

It is so funny to me that my air purifier is still working. The reason that I want a new air purifier is just because my air purifier is over ten years old, and there is no way that it is purifying the air in my home as it should be. I guess there is a possibility, but air purifiers have improved so much over the past ten years that I think it would be better for my family if I got a new air purifier. I may actually get two air purifiers because we have a few more kids now, and it would be nice to have an air purifier on the second floor where they sleep. The air purifier that we have now is in the dining room on the first floor of the house. It is the centralist location for the air purifier. It seems to be the best place to have the air purifier. If we do get two air purifiers, I will put one air purifier in the dining room like usual, and I will put the other one in the upstairs hallway. That way, the air purifier can be in the central most place upstairs as well. I really like my air purifier, but I just think it is time for me to get a nice new air purifier for our home.


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