Live without HVAC or risk contamination?

I know that everybody says there couldn’t possibly be a worse time for their HVAC system to break down than the time it happened to them.

  • You hear endless stories of air conditioners breaking down in the middle of summer, on the hottest day on record, while an entire party of people is expected to arrive any moment.

You definitely have been told about the time that the in-laws were coming over for a formal Christmas dinner and suddenly the furnace started coughing out nasty, burnt odors before it stopped operating altogether. My guess is that you’ve also been told about all the times a hurricane or other natural disaster destroyed the HVAC systems and power lines in an entire state, rendering millions of people without working cooling or ventilation systems in the middle of intense weather. Well, why wouldn’t there be another HVAC disaster on the horizon? With all of this coronavirus madness going on, there has been a negative effect on the HVAC industry. Heating, cooling, and ventilation specialists are completely overworked right now. Everyone is scrambling to improve indoor air quality control devices, and to prepare their air conditioning systems for the coming summer season. However, we are all left with an HVAC technician shortage and some further complications. Right now literally might be the worst time to try to call an HVAC specialist for help. Even if you could make a timely appointment to repair your indoor air handling equipment, you risk the HVAC technician contaminating your indoor air, themselves. It’s a real HVAC conundrum. While I sit here in my sweltering hot house, simultaneously wishing that my air conditioning system was working and feeling terrified to welcome a source of viral contamination into my space, I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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