My apartment is so warm

I like our mother so much, but i truly have enjoyed having his here at the apartment with me for the past few weeks, a few years ago, our spouse and I moved out west, about more than four hundred miles from our parents.

It was one of the hardest things that all of us have ever had to do. It was the best for our family though… My spouse’s task is much better paying, and he is able to spend more time with me and the kids. My mom had wanted to visit us for so long, however his health had not allowed his to; The people I was with and I were so excited when he finally got his strength back and was able to come visit us, and he has been here for more than two weeks, however he is leaving tomorrow, and I am super bummed about it. It has been so nice having his here. The only thing that I am excited about is being able to turn the heat back down to our proper seventy degree temperature. My mom prefers to keep his apartment at about eighty degrees if not warmer. It is quite crazy to me. I grew up prefer that, so I used to be able to handle it. I have been out of his apartment for so long now that I can no longer tolerate those high temperatures. The people I was with and I set our control unit to seventy-eight while our mom has been here, and it is so warm. I cannot suppose how much of a difference just many degrees makes. It feels so warm. I sweat almost all morning long, and it is not fun. I am truly upset for our mom to leave tomorrow, however I am ecstatic to have our apartment back at a normal temperature.


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