My condo doesn’t even have A/C

My new condo doesn’t have A/C at all! It is absolutely upsetting that our new condo doesn’t have A/C, however there isn’t much that I can do about it as of this moment.

It absolutely doesn’t make sense that our condo doesn’t have A/C because it was built approximately ten years ago.

I don’t understand why the person who built it didn’t add A/C, but I actually wish that they would have. It gets so sizzling in the condo while in the Summer season. We have only lived in the condo for four weeks now, however several of the weeks that I lived here were Summer weeks, plus it was so warm in the condo that I went over to my parent’s household just too cool off. I tried using window A/C devices, however they just don’t do a fantastic job at all. I thought that they would do a better job, however they hardly do anything. I had quite a few window A/C devices running in the condo for the length of the day, plus they hardly brought the temperature of the condo down. I guess they may have brought the temperature down by a few degrees. It went from being ninety degrees to being eighty-something degrees in my home. It was not great in the least. I can’t afford to run around ten window A/C devices, however that is actually what it would take to cool my condo down to a more relaxing temperature. I wish that my condo had A/C, but I guess I am going to have to live separate from any A/C for quite some time.

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