My currency is on the professional

My think it all child always thinks she can service anything, however she says that whatever needs repairing can be done by a monkey if they follow the instruction found on a Youtube video.

Of course you are hoping that the lady who recorded the video knows what they are talking about to begin with. Anyway, when our child called the other day to say that she was going to do the tune up on her Heating & Air Conditioning system by himself. I cautioned that she may want to rethink that decision because she could end up nullifying her warranty by messing with it on her own. There are multiple restrictions on homeowners doing their own repairs to newer systems. A trained plus certified professional is your best bet when it comes to any adjustments plus repairs on the units, but i even offered to help pay the cost of a service call if she wanted me to. I try plus support him in any way that I can when it comes to her independent nature but this time I am not going to kneel by plus watch him waste her time plus currency, and when she had the up-to-date system installed a year ago it cost him nearly fifteen hundred dollars… That is a lot of currency for sure. I tried to talk him into signing up for the service agreement at the same time but she just said she would know about it. The agreement would have included her first years tune up anyway plus then we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

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