My friend worked with hot water and boilers

I easily miss working with Bob.

He used to work with me at the assembly plant.

The guy was the best mechanic I know and really skilled at solving all kinds of issues. The guy worked in the boiler room with the warm water equipment, but Bob was in charge of maintaining the boiler and keeping things running smoothly. The boiler powered several of the machines in the factory, and it was a big part of the process. Bob was an awesome guy and friends with all the people on day shift! His number one holiday was Halloween and he always decorated his home with lots of tombstones, skeletons, bones, and blood. I liked to take my kids to his home every year to see the graveyard and the live-action scenery. One time Bob was resting in the bushes when every one of us walked up to the door to trick or treat. He scared my child so awful he did not fall asleep without the light on for weeks. My kid was horrified, but it was an unbelievable Halloween prank. A few weeks ago, Bob suffered a heart attack while he was at work. He was in the boiler room alone when the accident occurred and no one found him until it was too late. He went to the emergency room on a stretcher, but the paramedic could not find a pulse. He was only 56 years aged and he had a wife and two children still in elementary school! I know the guy will be missed dearly around here, and I’m sure his family would say the same thing.

Heating equipment

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