My mom’s furnace quit

I love my mom so much.

She has been through so much and, yet she continues to stay strong.

The hardest thing that she has ever gone through was the passing of my dad three years ago. I was afraid that she would not be able to move on, but she has done great. She spends a lot of time traveling with friends which I think is great. It keeps her busy and keeps her mind off of her loss. She still owns the house that I grew up in, so I often have to take care of it for her while she is traveling. I do not mind of course. I would do anything to ensure that my mom stays happy and healthy. The last time that she traveled, the furnace in her house quite working. I only went to the house every couple of days to check on it. I did not go everyday because I did not think that it was necessary. I went in one day and found the house freezing cold. I am guessing that the furnace had been off for quite some time because it was only about fifteen degrees in the house. I could not believe it. I panicked at first. I called my husband and he rushed over. Sure enough, the pipes were frozen, and it was not looking good. In the end, most of the plumbing had to be replaced, and I felt so bad. She also needed a new furnace because hers obviously was not reliable. She did not blame me, but I wish that I would have checked on the house everyday instead of every few days.

New heating

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