My neighbor is a HVAC creeper.

I lovingly call my neighbor a HVAC creeper.

He is a retired HVAC technician who has never really given up the job.

Every time I have had problems with my HVAC system, he has given me advice on how to repair it. I don’t have a lot of spare money to put into my HVAC system. It is nice to know that if something is wrong, there is someone I can turn to and get some expert advice. He was waiting at my house when I got home one afternoon. He said he heard some odd noises coming from my basement and he was sure it was coming from the furnace. I opened the door and allowed him to go into the basement and look at the furnace. He showed me how to change the air filters and told me that the noise was because the air filter was completely clogged with dust and dirt. He showed me a new air filter and the one he had removed. He said that when the air filter gets clogged, it can cause the HVAC equipment to work harder and even cause it to break down. That was odd enough, but it happened another time after that. I had mentioned that I needed to have my air conditioning unit serviced. I was talking to my neighbor’s wife and I never gave a thought to her telling him about needing the work done. That night, I heard some odd noises from outside, but I thought it was just some animals on the prowl. When I got up, there was a sign on the air conditioning unit. It simply said, ‘Just say thank you.’


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