My New Apartment Has All the Best HVAC Features

I received a big promotion a couple of weeks ago, & my boss informed me that I would have to move across the country! I was prepared for a change anyway, so I was not really miserable about having to move! However, I did not have a lot of time to look for an up-to-date apartment & I wanted to get moved quickly so I could start my up-to-date job.

  • I did a ton of research online and tried to find an apartment that would be the best fit for me.

One of the main things that I was searching for was a Heating & A/C system that I could live with. I have a few respiratory problems & so I have to be sure that the apartment I live in has wonderful air quality. I’d recently had some Heating & A/C servicing done on my old house, & I finally got the air quality to be liveable. I was hesitant to start the whole Heating & A/C update process all over again once I moved, so I was hopeful to find an up-to-date apartment with a wonderful Heating & A/C system that was already installed. However, the main thing that I was searching for was a high efficiency heating & cooling system. I also wanted to find a place with radiant heated flooring, since that was something I have consistently wanted to have. I ended up discovering an apartment with a high efficiency central cooling unit, radiant heated flooring, & a UV Light media air cleaner. The air cleaner was an added bonus for me, and I am really gleeful about moving to my up-to-date house! I think the air quality is going to be fantastic.

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