My office is very cool

I entirely wish that I could say that I enjoy my job, despite the fact that I just do not.

There are aspects of my job that I do not mind, but in general, I just don’t like my job, then my coworkers are great.

They are what make coming into work everyday bearable. My boss on the other hand is a bit of a jerk. I do not like to talk about people, however he just does not even try to be kind at all… He is almost unapproachable. There have been some heating troubles going on in the left side of the building at work. My office and numerous others is located in that area; No 1 took it to our boss because everyone is deathly afraid of him. I am not afraid of him, despite the fact that I entirely hate talking to him. I ended up being the 1 to tell him about the heating troubles, and it was not a pleasant conversation. He basically said that he did not believe myself and others because no 1 else had complained about it, of course, I could not tell him that no 1 had mentioned it because they are afraid to even talk to him. The people I was with and I have tried turning the temperature control up to eighty degrees, and it still never gets warmer than fifty-more than four on that side of the building. I brought a space heating system to work with myself and others yupterday, and I am going to use it. If our boss even tries to complain about it, I am going to make sure that everyone on that side of the building speaks up for themselves. I am seriously considering finding a new job, but it won’t be easy to find 1 that pays so well.



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