My oil furnace is the best thing here

I can’t put into words what it’s like experiencing the first winter up north. Having grown up down south where the worst Winter meant switching the Heating and A/C heat pump from cool to warm, I was unprepared. For me, Winter was something that I looked forward to. After several months of intense summer heat, which forced me inside with only warm air to manage, winter was a lot different. I got a great job and accepted it without thinking about how I would acclimate in such a severe climate. It is just so chilly for so long here. My first introduction to the cold was swift and brutal. A few weeks before the chilly Winter winds began, I cranked up the heat for the first time. From there on, it’s been an immense struggle with the only blessing being the oil furnace. Thankfully, the small home I’m in has an updated oil furnace. It was the first time I’d even seen one before. It’s been great to me, because it does a wonderful job of at least allowing me to feel warmth anywhere in the house. The office Heating and A/C is either set too high or not nearly warm enough. So, coming back to my house to a cozy home with the Heating and A/C setting just right is a great thing. I am not sure how long I’ll live up here or if I will ever get accustomed to this sort of weather. However, I know that I’m legitimately thankful for the cozy comfort of my oil furnace.



a/c set up

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