My smart thermostat wasn’t so smart.

Too often, I am hearing about different gadgets that are thrust into the sales market, and they are either bogus, or fraught with computer problems. People are hacking into them, or able to get all of your information just through a simple app. I was really wary of buying anything that had a computer attached to it, but still I decided to have a smart thermostat installed into my home. I called the HVAC company and told them I wanted to help my heating and air conditioning to run more efficiently. I really thought the smart thermostat could do this. The smart thermostat is made to control the heating, air conditioning and to help with the air quality. I wanted complete climate control so I had a smart thermostat that would work according to the outdoor climate. I had the app installed on my phone and on my laptop. I had the thermostat set up so that when I walked into the house, the HVAC system would start running with my personalized settings. The problem is that my thermostat never recognized me or my settings. I tried to reset the furnace with the phone, but nothing happened. I wanted to save money by turning the furnace off and on when I wasn’t at home. I even called the HVAC to find out what I was doing wrong that the thermostat won’t respond with my app. I was so upset that I was ready to remove the thermostat and have my old thermostat put back on the wall. The HvAC company gave me a new smart thermostat, and I could only hope this one worked properly.

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