My son wants to put an HVAC system in the barn

My son is completely obsessed with our horse.

It’s his best friend, that’s for sure. We have had the horse for a couple of years now and it’s all that he ever talks about. He plays out in the barn all the time when the temperatures are cold outside, and then when the weather starts heating up, he takes the horse out into the pasture and into the woods to ride and explore the surrounding countryside. It’s a great life for a little boy and a horse, I guess! The thing about my son, though, is that once he gets an idea into his head, there is just no way to get him to stop thinking about them. His latest obsession is the idea that he wants to buy an HVAC system in the barn so that his horse will have heating and cooling in the stall just like we have in the house. I keep telling him that there’s no reason to put an HVAC unit in the barn because the animals are used to the cold and they don’t need heating or air conditioning out there. Of course, my son doesn’t want to hear that. He is convinced that his poor horse is in just as much need of a heating system in the winter as he is. He is also sure that the horse would really love to have an air conditioning system in the barn during the summer. I don’t know what we are going to do to deter him, but there’s just no way that I’m going to pay to put an HVAC system in the barn for that horse!

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