Not sure I want to stay here, actually

I am a particularly big believer in seeing things for myself before I decide something.

  • I will witness behavior before condemning it, every time.

Some stories get told with all sorts of things left out or expertly added. However, this story was something that I honestly didn’t believe at first I would ever observe. I have spent most of my days at work traveling from market to market as a sales rep for a notable corporation. This work takes myself and others in plus out of a lot of various Heating, Ventilation and A/C controlled dealers plus buildings. After 12 years of that sort of life, I was called up to the corporate offices for a new job. This meant a promotion plus no more living out of a suitcase but, it apparently also meant a big change. The big change was that I would now be working every day from an office. I have loved traveling however was ready to fully settle my life a bit. But, what I was about to witness in my new office may have changed my mind. This stupid office culture is so petty, divisive plus filled with tension. People actually gang up to control the Heating, Ventilation and A/C settings. It is the most crazy thing I suppose I have ever seen with grown adults. The poor Heating, Ventilation and A/C doesn’t run well, since the setting gets changed every few hours. The bosses seem to suppose this is normal. I advised that the office needs some real bonding plus necessary emotional repair. If that doesn’t happen ASAP, I’m going back out on the road.


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