Not too fond of my new coworker

I had to change jobs a few weeks ago when my girlfriend got a teaching position with an out of state school district.

My girlfriend graduated from school during the summer and she applied to a lot of unusual places.

She interviewed with a couple of schools and a place near the beach provided her a full-time position! I knew that I was going to move anywhere that she was provided a job, but I didn’t expect to move almost 12 hours away from home! I was hopeful that she would find employment with a school district in our state, but the beach was a fun and exciting opportunity. I was previously working for an HVAC company for 4 years and it was hard to leave my old work and seek employment with another company. I had a lot of fun working with all of our co-workers, and my best buddy worked at the HVAC contractor as well. We often did the same jobs and the two of us spent a lot of time together after work. We watched a lot of football games and we drank a lot of beer. I had a lot of fun at work, even when we were busy with repairs and upgrade jobs. My new coworker is not as much fun as my old friend. The girl is close to retirement and she seems to hate coming to work every morning. We get to look at the beach most of the day and 80% of our jobs are easy repairs and upgrades. There is no way the girl can be so miserable when the two of us get to look at lovely scenery.
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