Now the AC is buzzing with activity

In my line of work, a lot of odd little things occur every day.

I have been out to repair someone’s central air conditioning and they answered the door wearing nothing except a tiny bikini top.

I did ask the gentleman to put on more clothing if she really wanted myself and others to repair the air conditioning. I have had a number of local buyers ask myself and others to leave in the middle of a job, actually just because they were unsatisfied with the price they had agreed to. I came across a concern this month that rarely occurs and I was surprised it would be so late in the season. It’s getting undoubtedly cold outside at this point and I rarely see any kind of bees, wasps, or hornets. I was performing a regular end-of-season tune-up on an air conditioning system, when I ran into a big nest of wasps. I didn’t hear any loud noise directly coming from the nest, even when the air conditioning was off. The nest of wasps certainly surprised myself and others and I got stung many times. I started yelling and screaming and I easily scared the poor customer. Thankfully I am not allergic to any kind of bee or wasp, or I’d be in trouble. All of the stings still hurt a lot and I didn’t have anything to use for the pain. The client never noticed that I left for medicine. I assume she was just gleeful to see me do service to the air conditioning. That was 1 of the worst experiences that I think I have ever had in my many years of Heating as well as Air Conditioning work.


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